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  Are you interested in
aeroplanes and aviation history?

  Our object is the Bavarian history of aviation.
These are some of our goals:

  Research and documentation of Bavarian aviation history
Development of the Bavarian Archives of Aviation which will be located at the historic Oberschleißheim (= Schleissheim) airfield site in the north of Munich / Germany.

  Exploration and documentation
of places, buildings and traces of aviation historical meaning. These activities aim at compiling the prerequisites to have selected objectes entered in the list of formally recognised memorials.

to restore and maintain objects important to aviation history which are already listed as formally recognised memorials.

  Conserving or restoring
objects important to aviation history so that they may be presented to the public in an appropriate way. The exhibition grounds will be concentrated on the site of the historic airfield of Oberschleißheim.

of objects or scenes important to aviation history either as original size rebuilts or as models. These, too, shall be presented to the public on the site of the historic airfield of Oberschleissheim.

  Our topics
- aviation history
- aviation archaeology
- modelling
- preservation of monuments
- restoration

  Our projects include the topics mentioned above

  Some of our regular activities are

- slide show and lecture about aviation
- guided tours

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