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During the years we have collected many items that are connected with the Americans stationed in Schleissheim Airfield (Oberschleissheim).

Our target is to establish a permanent exhibition about the Americans in Schleissheim on the airfield. Recently there are no adequate rooms available, neither in the museum "Flugwerft Schleissheim" nor elsewhere on the airfield. Therefore we display a selection of our collection on this site.
Dictionary Englisch/German or American Soldiers.

Official dictionary German/Englisch - Englisch/German for German citizens in the U.S. Occupation Zone.

It contains next to others a special chapter about American measures and weights, American naming conventions for streets and a guide how to fill in formes of the U.S. military government.

A U.S. soldier had presented a 6 year old Schleissheim child with this flatware together with a foot package in May 1945.

Plates of U.S. vehicles of the years 1948 and 1954. Both plates were found during constructions works in Schleissheim.
The plate of 1948 unfortunately is only existing in half.

U.S. summer flying cap model AN-H-15.

This type of flying cab was used by aircrews of the 344th Bombardment Group (344th BG). This unit was stationed in Schleissheim 1945/46.

This linen bag once belonged to the equipment of a fire fighter vehicle of Schleissheim Airfield. It contained plans of alarm and fireplugs of the airfield and most American military installations in the Munich area that were serviced from Schleissheim. After the fire engine was scrapped in 1968, the bag was kept until the end of the fire fighter service of the airfield in 1981.

The airfield fire brigades of the U.S. Army were subordinated to the U.S. Corps of Engineers.


Doorplate from the barracks area of Schleissheim Airfield:


Unfortunately this plate could not be dated till now. It is made of aluminium and in parts heavily corrodated.


The Americans in Schleissheim

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