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"The Americans in Schleissheim, 1945 - 1995"
Immediately after WW II Schleissheim Airfield was reconstructed and enlarged by the 816th Engineer Aviation Battalion as a medium bomber base for the Army of Occupation, e.g. the airfield received 60 hardstands and the runway was expanded to 1800 yards (1645 meters). In 1958 a new control tower was built by the Corps of Engineers.  

Douglas A-26 B Invader of 344th Bombardment Group in Schleissheim, Winter 1945/46.

From September 1945 until February 1946 the 344th Bombardment Group and thereafter the 70th Fighter Wing / Detachment "A" was stationed at Schleissheim. In 1947 the U.S. Air Force handed Schleissheim Airfield over to the U.S. Army. For an intermediate period the airfield was used as an ordnance depot and scrapp yard for military surplus. Starting in 1956 Schleissheim was then mainly used as a base for helicopters and the flying sections of artillery units: Headquarter 8th Transportation Battalion, 110th Transportation Company, 587th Transportation Company, D Troop 9th Cavalry, 6th Msl Bn 62d Arty, etc.

Sikorsky H-34 of the 110th Transportation Company, 8th Transportation Battalion.

The Americans at Schleissheim formed there the first air rescue service in Bavaria, especially in the high mountain area. They were also responsible for the Army's VIP transportation service.

In the foreground a Bell UH-1B Huey rescue helicopter, behind on the aperon six
Sikorsky H-37 Mojave medium transportation helicopter and right one D.H.C. U-1 Otter.
In the background the old maintenance hangar and New Schleissheim Castle.

For some months it was the only army aviation training center (7th AATC) outside the USA, forming fixed wing pilots into helicopter pilots, mainly for Vietnam. During these years it was the busiest U.S. Army Airfield in Europe. The helicopter training ended in 1968 and the Army Aviation finally left Schleissheim Airfield in 1973.

The Bell H-13 Sioux was used for basic helicopter flying training.

Since 1953, the eastern part of the airfield was used as a monitoring station by Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). Therefore the runway was shortened to 1140 yards (1000 meters). RFE/RL was the last American installation that left Schleissheim airfield in June 1995.

RFE/RL Monitoring Station Schleissheim.

In 1953 the Lone Star Flying Club was founded here by a group of soldiers and later renamed Red Barons Flying Club (U.S. Army). This club still exists today but was converted into a flying club according to German law after the German reunion.

N-registered Cessna 172 of Red Barons Flying Club in Schleissheim 1989.



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