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"The Americans at Schleissheim, 1945 - 1995"


In the last century, the history of Oberschleissheim community was essentially influenced by aviation. In this United States Army played an important role in using the area of the airfield from 1945 to 1995.

In our internet pages we will document over fifty years presence of the Americans in Oberschleissheim.

If you are generally interested in aviation, in American history especially in the airfield of Oberschleissheim, then you may find it worth your time to look at the following pages thoroughly.
If you were stationed in Schleissheim or working for the U.S. Army or other American installations, we would be very happy if you could let us know your memories.

Especially if you have photographs we would like to reproduce these pictures for our archives. The originals will be given back to you or taken into our archives as permanent loan or gift as you decide.

Furthermore we are looking for all kinds of articles that are related to Schleissheim Airfield. If you own something and do no longer need it any longer, we would be very pleasant about such a donation. We will take this items into our archives and use them in the exhibition or as visual aids in our events.



The Americans in Schleissheim

Historical overview
American units and installations
American Control Tower
Models scale 1:72
Virtual Museum

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