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The Picture Gallery
During the years we've received many pictures from people who were either stationed or employed at Schleissheim Airfield (Oberschleissheim).

Our target is to publish a book and establish a permanent exhibition about the Americans in Schleissheim on the airfield.

Please enjoy the following selection from our collection on this site. We will be very happy for any additional information and/or donations of related pictures.
Signposts at the north entrance of Schleissheim Airfield in Winter 1945/46. The tree behind is still there today. The man right of the signposts is Joseph Lahnstein.
We received a lot of pictures from him, resp. his wife.
Picture: J. Lahnstein.
"The first American Ice Cream Soda Bar east of River Rhine" is well remembered by a large number of GI's that were stationed in Schleissheim. Otto the bar keeper has a quite legendary name too. Not only one German-American friendship was founded here. The bar was located in the former officers mess of the Luftwaffe at the north side of the airfield, next to New Schleissheim Castle. Unfortunaltely the "last visitor" in 1983 was the scraping power shovel.
Picture: B. Morton.
Surplus Martin B-26 Marauder of the 344th Bombardment Group (344th BG) are blown up at Schleissheim Airfield in Spring 1946.
Picture: J. Lahnstein.
Inspection of the 110th Transportation Company
at Schleissheim Airfield on June 02nd, 1960.
Picture: John Arvidson.
Sikorsky H-34 (Serial: 54-3024) of the 24th Aviation Batallion in front of the old maintenance hangar (built 1918) at Schleissheim Airfield.
Picture: M. Chiles.
D.H.C. L-20 "Beaver" (Serial: 51-6797) of the Artillery Aviation Section of the 24th Infantry Division in Schleissheim May 1960.
Picture: Dr. R. Hauck.
The Schleissheim Airfield Fire Brigade:
Due to the importance of the airfield for the U.S. Army the fire fighters were equiped highly modern: one American LaFrance O-11a (Serial: P-2824) and two German built Suedwerke KS 25 (Serials: 502581 and 502548).
Picture: Richard Hoechtl.
More pictures are coming soon ...


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